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Date: 18 Sep, 2015
Source: Barbados Government Information Service

Relations between this country and the People’s Republic of China continue to be strong.

That was the consensus when China’s current Ambassador, Wang Ke, and former Ambassador Xu Hong met with Barbados’ Foreign Minister, Senator Maxine McClean recently.

During the talks, which were held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade’s Culloden Road, St. Michael office, the officials discussed a number of matters, including United Nations Security Council reform, issues affecting small island developing states (SIDS) and their trade and economic relationship.

Former Ambassador Xu Hong noted that China saw Barbados as a very important partner, and was pleased that the two countries had deepened their relations in trade, culture, education and tourism. He cited bilateral relations in a number of areas, including the development of road tennis and activities at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, particularly the Confucius Centre, as proof of a good working relationship.

Senator McClean agreed that the two countries shared excellent relations since establishing diplomatic relations. She thanked China for its support on issues related to SIDS, as well as climate change. “Our survival is wrapped up in our ability to address and lobby with friends regarding our special needs,” she said.

The Foreign Minister added that she appreciated China’s support during times of economic crisis, particularly as Barbados is now exempt from certain benefits due to a graduation to a More Developed Country status. Ms. McClean also reiterated that Barbados supported the “One China” policy.