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Date: 18 Sep, 2014
Source: Barbados Government Information Service

Barbados is a sound investment domicile.

This vote of confidence was expressed by Barbados’ Ambassador to China, Dr. Chelston Brathwaite, during a television interview with China’s Daily reporter, Don Wei, recently.

Listed among the attributes that made Barbados attractive for investment was its high per capita income, highly educated labour force, modern technological infrastructure and world class financial services industry.

The Ambassador, while discussing potential investment opportunities with China, emphasised the importance of that country as a strategic partner and noted a number of initiatives that were in train between China and Barbados.

“We are currently discussing with China a number of initiatives for support in areas such as infrastructure and tourism development. There are also opportunities for private enterprise to collaborate with us in areas such as renewable energy and food production.”

He continued, “We also see opportunities for collaboration with our University for the exchange of students, professors, information, research and technology… We believe that there are great opportunities for investment in Barbados from China.”

Dr. Brathwaite also expressed his fascination with China and how it had progressed socially and financially over the last 30 years.