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Date: 29 Apr, 2016
Source: Global Atlanta

Director of Investment Promotion of Invest Barbados, Mr. Kenneth Campbell recently participated in a reception in Atlanta, hosted by the law offices of Thompson Hine LLP, to promote the “Barbados Comes to Atlanta” series of cultural and investment events scheduled for May 26-29, 2016.

Attendees were informed that Barbados stands ready to assist US companies with their global expansion through utilisation of the country’s international business and financial products in accessing markets in Africa, Latin America and beyond.

Already, more than 4,000 international companies operate on the island. They’re predominantly from Canada, USA and the United Kingdom, and Barbados is seeking to attract increased business from the US market.

Barbados’ potential role as a conduit for US business with Cuba was highlighted. “In essence, Barbados offers investors the security of (investing in Cuba) with the sound protection of a bilateral investment treaty and the certainty of a double-taxation agreement”. Barbados also has a double tax agreement with the USA.

Mr. Campbell distinguished Barbados from other jurisdictions, emphasizing its compliance with international best practices from inception and its early adoption of global standards like the “Automatic Exchange of Information” with partners including the United States. He emphasised “Investors have been attracted to Barbados because of our track record as a well regulated, transparent, treaty-based jurisdiction with a long history of economic, political and social stability.”