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Date: 28 Aug, 2017
Source: The Barbados Nation Newspaper

Barbadians recently got the chance to benefit from an ice hockey clinic with a major National Football League team, the first ever to be hosted in the Caribbean.

Visiting the country to lead the clinic, were officials from the NFL’s Florida Panthers franchise which was established in 1993.

The clinic was hosted at Icetopia Wildey, Barbados’ sole ice skating rink, where a small group of girls got the chance to take part in the one day event. There has been a lot of excitement and interest in the focility since its opening.

Owner of the rink, Paolo Carrero, said that he “had no hesitation when he was contacted about the Panthers staging the clinic during their brief holiday”.

Icetopia was opened in Barbados in September 2016, with Invest Barbados playing a key role in facilitating its establishment.