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Date: 20 Aug, 2009
Source: Invest Barbados

“To dominate the globe musically.” With that vision statement in place, Barbados’ newest association of service providers, the Association of Music Entrepreneurs (AME) was launched. The Association was conceived out of the February 2009 trip to the Marché International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale (MIDEM), attended by a Barbadian delegation sponsored by Invest Barbados. MIDEM is the largest industry trade fair where musicians, businesspeople, cultural policy makers, and journalists gather annually.

The Association was launched on August 17, 2009 at the offices of Invest Barbados (IB). The Indigenous Services Exports Division (ISE) of IB along with the Barbados Coalition of Services Industries (BCSI), worked alongside the Association’s membership to plan and operationalise the AME.

The launch commenced with a viewing of the recently aired BET Rising Icons programme featuring Barbadian artiste Hal Linton and was followed by a welcome from entertainer Kirk Browne of the band Strategy. Speakers at the event were Mr. Wynthrop Catwell, President of the BCSI, Mr. George Thomas, Chairman of the AME, Mr. Wayne Kirton, CEO of IB and Ms. Santia Bradshaw, Vice Chairman of the AME.

Mr. Thomas shared with those in attendance the vision, mission and core values of the organisation. The AME, through its core values of imagination, perseverance, integrity, global thinking and collaborative spirit, is seeking to advance the Barbadian music industry through a three pronged approach:

Empowering music entrepreneurship by educating its members on several critical areas including product development and international networking;

Aggressively building new export markets through economies of scale; and

Institutionalising the culture of music as a business.

For more information about the AME, and other services exports initiatives, please contact the ISE Division of Invest Barbados at 626-2000.