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Remote Employment Act, 2020-23 (Barbados Welcome Stamp)

Companies (Economic Substance) Act 2019-43

Barbados recently revised its tax regime which resulted in changes to its suite of international business legislation. Some Acts have been amended or repealed, while new Acts have been created.

  • Income Tax (Country-By-Country Reporting) Act, 2021-27

  • Companies (Amendment) Regulations, 2021

  • Societies with Restricted Liability (Amendment) Regulations, 2021

  • Remote Employment (Amendment) Act, 2021-11

  • Corporate (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2021-19

  • Income Tax (Amendment) Act 2020-10

  • Income Tax (Amendment) (No.2) Act, 2020-16

  • Remote Employment Act, 2020-23 (Barbados Welcome Stamp)

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  • Medicinal Cannabis Industry Act, 2019-44

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  • Companies (Amendment) Act 2019-19