Medicinal Marijuana

  • Tier 1: under 1 acre
  • Tier 4: more than 25 acres
  • Tier 2: between 1 – 5 acres
  • Tier 3: between 5 – 25 acres
  • Following extensive research and recommendations from various stakeholders, the government is fine-tuning its policy for the development of a medical marijuana industry in the country and has established the Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority (BMCLA).The BMCLA will be the sole regulator for entities licensed under the Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Act.

What You Need To Invest

A person who is representing a company, a partnership or co-operative society, must have at least 30% of the company, partnership, or co-operative society owned by a citizen, permanent resident, person with immigrant status or a citizen of a CARICOM Member State to apply for a licence to participate in the local medicinal cannabis industry.The medicinal cannabis industry is built to support a locally derived value chain from seed to sale.  It is intended to facilitate the value-added development of cultivated Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) medicinal cannabis strains to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) finalised cannabis products.The value chain will have Unique Selling Points (USP) which are indigenous to Barbados.  These will be bolstered by Research and Development (R&D) efforts to develop local cultivar phenotypes from existing gene banks of cannabis seeds.

The Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Act, 2019 will allow for eight categories of licenses once the regulations have been finalised and the industry doors are open. Those eight licenses include:

  1. Cultivator
  2. Processor
  3. Retail Distribution
  4. Import
  5. Export
  6. Transportation
  7. Laboratory
  8. Research & Development


License Categories for Cultivators and Processors by tier:

Cultivators                                                           Processors

Key Pieces of Legislation

  • Agriculture Development Fund Act.
  • Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Act.

Stakeholder Agencies