With Barbados importing approximately 80% of the food consumed, the island’s agricultural sector is focused on food security and the mitigation of the effects of climate change.

There are a number of opportunities available for those interested in investing in the agricultural sector of Barbados. Due to the limited land space available for conventional agriculture (approx. 27,000 acres), interest in hydroponic farming and aquaculture has been on the increase. Some of the agri-business opportunities highlighted are:

  • Greenhouse farming (organic produce)
  • Blackbelly sheep (meat and by-products such as leather)
  • Agro-processing facilities (cassava flour production)
  • Crops and trees for export (sweet potato, mangoes, avocado) production for export purposes
  • Fish farming

For those interested in investing in the agri-business sector, some of the incentives currently available include:

  • A wide range of agricultural rebates and other incentives available
  • Full exemption from import duties on components, raw materials and production equipment
  •  Factory accommodation in well-planned industrial parks, on rental or lease basis
  • Training grants based on wages paid to employees during the initial operating period
  •  Duty-free access to CARICOM countries providing the products satisfy origin criteria
  •  Preferential market access of Barbadian produced goods to various countries
  • Transportation hub in region

Stakeholder Agencies