Barbados is the most easterly island of the Caribbean island chain, located at 13° 10' N and 59° 32' W.  The closest neighbouring islands are St. Vincent & the Grenadines and St. Lucia which are located to the west, while Trinidad and Tobago is located to the south.

Quick Facts:

Land Area: 430 sq. Km 166 sq. miles

Location: The most easterly Caribbean island located at 13.1°N, 59.32°W.

Time Zone: GMT – 4 hours (Barbados does not observe daylight saving time)

Capital City: Bridgetown

Climate: Tropical Average Daytime High 70°-85°F 21°-30°C Relative Humidity 60-70%

Language: English

Political Status: Independent Member of the British Commonwealth

Government: Parliamentary democracy

Governor General: Her Excellency Dame Sandra Mason, GCMG, DA, Q.C.

Prime Minister: The Hon. Mia Amor Mottley, Q.C., M.P.

Literacy Rate: 99.7%

UNDP Human Development Index 2019: 56th of 189 countries; 5th in Americas

Population 2019 (est): 272,866

Population Growth Rate 2016: – 0.4%

Infant Mortality Rate 2016: 13.5 per 1,000 births

Life Expectancy: 78 years

Labour Force December 2019 (est): 138,900

Unemployment Rate 2016: 9.0%

Real GDP Growth 2016 (P): 1.6%

Per Capita GDP @ Factor Cost 2018: US$15,700

% Annual Inflation Rate 2016: -0.5%

Major Industries: Tourism, Financial Services, Sugar, Agriculture
& Manufacturing

Major Trading Partners: CARICOM, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan

Imports (CIF) 2019: US$1,218.77 Million (excludes petroleum imports)

Domestic Exports 2019: US$236.71 Million (excludes petroleum exports)

Tourist Arrivals 2018: 680,269

Currency: Barbados dollar which is fixed at Bds$2.00=US$1.00

Measures: Metric system

Public Holidays
There are twelve paid public holidays in Barbados each year. Note: Where a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the holiday is celebrated on the following day.

Name of Holiday Date in 2020
New Year’s Day January 1
Errol Barrow Day January 21
Good Friday April 10
Easter Monday April 13
National Heroes Day April 28
Labour Day May 1
Whit Monday June 1
Emancipation Day August 1
Kadooment Day August 3
Independence Day November 30
Christmas Day December 25
Boxing Day December 26

Updated June 19, 2020

Profile of Barbados