Global Education Services icon Barbados has grown in significance as an attractive location for global education services, and in particular, medical education, since the establishment of the American University of Barbados in 2012.

Currently, Barbados is home to four international medical schools. During 2019, the acclaimed Ross University School of Medicine, a subsidiary of US based Adtalem Global Education, and the Bridgetown International University of Medicine both commenced operations in Barbados. Barbados is also home to the Bellairs Research Institute. The Bellairs Research Institute, a McGill University facility, is Canada’s only teaching and research facility in the tropics.

Barbados’ appeal as a location for global education services is due in part to its warm and welcoming environment, along with its modern physical infrastructure, including a world class fibre optic telecommunications network, and international connectivity which together contribute to the country’s ability to support the needs of an expanding education sector, particularly with respect to technology, transport and housing.