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Barbados Financial Services – Personal Contact, Global Reach


As anyone who has opened a bank account in the past few years knows, global regulations have made it harder to deal internationally and increased the administrative burden on clients and financial institutions alike. Banking and investing across borders now takes more time, and more work. Establishing yourself in Barbados, whether personally or for business purposes, will therefore involve getting to know what the institutions on the ground here can offer and how they can meet your needs. It is likely that some existing relationships overseas can be maintained, while also using Barbados providers as necessary or desired.

From its 439 km2 in the Atlantic Ocean, Barbados reaches all around the world with its international tax treaties and business activities.  Naturally, financial services are an important part of this network.  Over the years, Barbados has developed a depth and breadth in financial services – from banking to investment management to pensions – that far exceeds the country’s size.  Barbados financial institutions offer personal contact and global reach by tapping into the same global platforms as institutions anywhere else in this world.

Written by Peter Arender, CFA Chief Investment Officer, Fortress Advisory & Investment Services; Source: Business Barbados 2017

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