Invest Barbados

High Net Worth Individuals 



Barbados became involved in providing management and financial services to the wealthy since the introduction of the Offshore Banking Act in 1979. The Barbados Non-Domicile programme is an attractive option for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) desirous of becoming resident in Barbados or using the country as a base to launch international business.

Special Entry Permit (SEP)

The SEP, which is administered by the Barbados Immigration Department, is applicable to eligible HNWIs aged 60 and over, and for a period, to younger persons until they reach the age of 60, provided they satisfy the necessary requirements. This regime is attractive to foreigners and non-nationals who wish to reside on the island.

The Barbados Immigration Department is responsible for administering the Non-Domicile programme while Invest Barbados provides guidance on the procedure. For detailed information contact the Barbados Immigration Department.



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