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Health Care

Barbados, one of the leading providers of health care services in the Caribbean region, has a vibrant health and wellness services sector. The government owned Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), the primary health care institution on the island, offers services of an international standard.  The QEH succesfully conducted  the island's first kidney transplant recently.


It is complemented by private sector specialist facilities such as the Bayview Hospital, Sandy Crest Medical Centre, Island Dialysis, and the Barbados Fertility Centre. In addition, there are a number of Polyclinics which provide general medical care services. The island is gaining acclaim for a number of specialty services, chief among which is IV fertilisation. The Barbados Fertility Centre is the only Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited clinic in the Caribbean. The island now also boasts of a dedicated cardiac-catheterisation laboratory – the Sparman Clinic.

Barbados' warm and tranquil atmosphere provides the ideal environment for a wellness experience. Along with traditional medical offerings, there is a wealth of high-end alternative treatments including spas, aesthetic services, osteopathic care, reiki, reflexology, ozone therapy and Ayurvedic medicine. The Spa at Sandy Lane, The Chakra Spa at the Accra Beach Hotel, the Treatment rooms of the Hilton Barbados, Soothing Touch da Spa and the Ozone Therapy Centres Inc are just some of the first class facilities on-island.

Barbados' wellness experience is accentuated by a number of fitness centres including Surfside Wellness Centre and Bodycare4u.  There is also a range of physical fitness activities hiking, biking, golf, trailing, diving, and surfing.

Nursing and Elderly Care
Excellent nursing and elderly care services are available at well regulated nursing homes and retirement centres across Barbados. Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) has endorsed Barbados' capabilities to provide quality nursing and elderly care services given the number of well trained doctors, nurses and other health care professionals.

Research and Diagnostic Services
The island has a strong capability in lab testing, research and diagnostics. Services include stem cell research, ultrasound and MRI testing as well as nuclear imaging. The Barbados Reference Laboratory and Nuclear Medicine Inc are both acknowledged for their international excellence.

Barbados is well placed to deliver services in health and wellness to the UK, US, Canada and Caribbean markets due to its cost-effectiveness in the face of rising healthcare costs in the developed world.