The Barbados Pavilion embraces the Expo 2020 Dubai theme Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. This Expo presents a unique opportunity for Barbados to build partnerships while strengthening our relationships with several countries.  Expo 2020 allows us to connect with the United Arab Emirates, while also providing us with the opportunity to engage with the rest of the world in one location, showcasing who we are, where we want to be and our journey to get there.

It is therefore appropriate that Barbados will be in the mobility sub-district of the Expo. Our presentation brings focus to our journey from the past to the present and our vision for the future, highlighting our “Innovation and Transformation… From Sugar Cane to Blockchain”.

Barbados’ theme tracks the trajectory of the country’s development and its global contributions as a country of influence. At the heart of its development has been the central goal of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

From Sugar Cane to Blockchain, Barbados’ pavilion reflects the country’s global reach and interests, demonstrates its innovative heritage, agricultural past, economic growth through rum and other exports, tourism, culture and sports.  It also showcases a vision for the future steeped in sustainable and digital technologies.

The story of Barbados and our people will be represented as a timeline, with static text and images that also come alive with video, music and sound. It will also have a component that uses QR codes – and visitors will be able to use their mobile devices for an enhanced experience.

Join us as we create an interactive journey through time of our vibrant heritage, rich culture, beautiful beaches and natural wonders. We will share stories of our country through video and then, at select times, tell our stories live to visitors to the Barbados pavilion.

Come experience the beauty of our island, people, products, music, festivals, history, food, and sports. See first-hand our vision for our future and areas for investment. Come connect with us in the Barbados Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai; let’s create a future together.

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