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Barbados is sewing a niche for itself in the fashion world as a location for modern, high fashion apparel.  The industry comprises a distinguished cadre of talented designers who are earning local, regional and international acclaim for their attractive and unique designs.


A number of top designers display their talent in regional as well as international fashion shows as far afield as London, Miami and Milan.

Described as an excellent variety of fashion products and accessories, the Barbados range of creative offerings include couture, business wear, young and trendy designs, resort wear, jewelry and hand bags. Experienced designers are expanding their core collections, complimenting them with stylish accents of leather, beads and other exotic materials.

Among the noted designers and labels are Antonio Cumberbatch, Pat Brathwaite, Pauline Bellamy, (Rojoe), Carol Cadogan-Fox, Mark and Ava Daniel, Kay Applewhaite, Rykii De Jude, Nefertari and Simon Foster.

Popular labels include Genesis Designs, Fifth Element, Bouik, Shakad, Shelneil and Third Revolt.

Barbados' designers are branding the island throughout the Caribbean, North America and Europe and are gradually establishing their labels for high end clients and boutiques.


Music and Entertainment
The range of Barbadian talent in music and entertainment spans all segments of this dynamic and creative field. Barbados' musical accomplishments are being recognised and acknowledged worldwide with artistes and performers the likes of Rihanna (Def Jam), Rupee (Atlantic Records), Edwin Yearwood (VP Records), Shontelle (Universal Motown), Livvi Franc (Jomba Label Group) and Hal Linton (Universal Motown) gracing stages across the globe.

Supporting our artistes are producers and management agencies which have established a name for themselves internationally. Pyramid Entertainment, Hit Island Inc., Good Vibes Inc., Timeless Barbados Inc and CRS Music & Media are some of the noted management agencies marketing the Barbados music brand and developing strategic linkages within the Caribbean region and across the globe.

Barbados also provides production studios of an international standard. One of the well known studios is Ice Records, a label owned and operated by international recording artiste, song writer and producer Eddy Grant.

Other capable production facilities include Commercial Music Inc (CMI), Tropical Wave Productions Inc. and Lethal Studio.


Barbados is poised to become a regional centre of excellence for film, video production and other related audio-visual services. Government and relevant stakeholders visualize the film sector as becoming a major engine of growth for the Barbados economy in the medium to long term. Indeed stakeholders are committed to developing Barbados as the Caribbean hub and preferred location for international investments in the production and marketing of high quality films and other audio-visual related services.

The heartbeat of the film industry in Barbados will be our people, their creativity and unbridled passion for excellence in education, entertainment and business. This industry will truly unleash and export the creative talents of our people to a global community excited by the richness and warmth of our cultural experience.

Film Barbados Inc., Caribbean Film Production Company, The Film Group, Creative Junction and Blue Waters Productions Inc. are some of the firms providing content, products and services to the regional and international markets.


The development of the local film industry is supported by the Barbados Film and Video Association.  Formed in 2008, the association aims to encourage the development and promotion of the industry both in Barbados and abroad.  The Barbados Film and Video Association has approximately 50 members made up of producers, directors, cameramen, writers, actors, makeup artistes, as well as grips, sound and lighting technicians.