ib icon Vision

To be recognised as a leading investment promotion agency by virtue of our success in winning and facilitating international business.

ib icon Mission

To secure and facilitate sustainable foreign direct investment and international business that result in increased jobs, technology and skills transfer, foreign exchange earnings and tax revenues for Barbados.

In pursuing our mission we will:
  • Recruit, train and retain high quality people to execute our mandate
  • Engage in promotional activities globally
  • Conduct research to facilitate the development of new products and markets
  • Manage Barbados’ investment climate to ensure client satisfaction and future growth

ib icon Mandate

  • To promote Barbados as a desirable investment location, and land foreign direct investment
  • To monitor competitive domiciles, clients and markets for new trends and legislative changes, and develop new products
  • To work with other stakeholders to manage and develop the Barbados international business brand